Another Huge Hit for Nintendo As Hacker Managed to Exploit Mario Kart 8


Nintendo has been struggling with their Wii U Console since its debut and things are about to get worse as two hackers known by the names of MrBean3500vr and Chadderz uploaded four videos a Mario Kart 8 Mod that was possible by hacking the Wii U browser. These videos show the progress of the duo that allow them to propose “Customs Tracks” to the community.

The first video shows a Ghost of a circuit X on a circuit Y. This system results in a crazy race; and incidentally, it helps to understand that the replay system is not managed via “inputs” as before. Therefore, any “hack” is also stored in the replay. It seems to lead that the cheat detection by Nintendo as its flaws. Also, this new video shows the progress of hacking on the Wii. Things worsen for Nintendo as they are having an hard time selling consoles and games and now pirates seems to have managed a way to boot unsigned code. Here’s a statement from the hackers :

This video comes from another leap of progress in the Mario Kart 8 modding department. In terms of the ultimate goal of making custom tracks, we’re almost done working things out! Those who have followed my live stream in particular will know that we’ve almost got everything useful at this point. So, the next major step is editing the models! Once we have those, there really is nothing stopping us from making our own homemade tracks, like before in the days of Mario Kart Wii. This step might take a while, though, so you might see some other videos from me in the meantime to fill the space; maybe more textures, or more object modding demonstrations, or similar. But if we can keep up our current rate of progress… well, who knows!Currently, this texture hack is not released. We don’t have a good, copyright-free way to release it, and right now nobody could use it anyway even if we did. It will see a release if ever a way to play it back gets published, and we find a way to do it without transmitting any copyrighted data


  1. Fair call on the hack factor, though i cant imagine this will bear on Nintendos general sales of WiiU or MK8.
    Generally Nintendos proprietary systems are probably more secure than anything else

    • Well for now i don’t think it will hurt Nintendo since there is no hack released. I remember the time where it was possible to hack the Wii through the Zelda game. I just hope it doesn’t get this far for Nintendo as the majority of their sales are driven by their softwares.

  2. The fact that out of the 32 tracks, 16 are old tracks, that’s my biggest gripe with the game. I suppose there’s going to be DLC tracks at some point. Look at F-Zero GX, all those years after, it had all the AX tracks, but could only be accessed using an Action Replay disc (one that lets you enter codes). The mind boggles…..

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