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This is the moment UFC fans have all been waiting for

Publisher/Developer: EA Sports / EA Canada
 Fighting, Sports
Platform: PlayStation 4 \ Xbox One

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Reviewed on: PS4

EA Sports UFC is the new baby born from the new allegiance between EA Sports and the UFC. Since 2009, THQ was the master of all the licensed combat games including the WWE and UFC franchise. The UFC organization officially announced that EA Sports would be the next developer for their UFC franchised games for years to come. It also mark the first ever release of a UFC licensed game on the next-gen consoles. Does it deliver ? Read on to find out.

I have personally never been a huge combat fighter so you might call me an amateur judge for this type of game review. From a personal standpoint, I don’t feel bad about giving my thoughts on it and I would say that it actually helped me getting deeper into the genre. Brawling and kicking is basically all that I really know about when it comes to fighting games. I’ve never been into boxing or MMA in my entire life, I am fairly good at hockey games but that’s about it. I still enjoy a good sport game and I can also admit and tell when one sucks. This one doesn’t. The realism and the amount of details in

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Getting pumped up

To get you started, here’s a quick list of major features in the game :

  • 11 Arenas and stadiums (From USA, Canada and Brazil)
  • 97 Included fighters at launch (More to follow on purchasable DLC)
  • Full body deformation
  • Adaptable AI that scale to your skill

I really felt like the main features we’re not only to fill out empty spaces on the game cover but they were really well done. How can you not enjoy seeing your opponent’s face getting smashed by a well placed kick? That’s satisfying! Well done EA. Also, been an amateur in those kind of games historically driving me crazy as I was only being able to press the X button for punch and O for kicks, I wasn’t able to enjoy a complete fight. That being said, EA Sports UFC AI is really scalable and is smart enough to adjust itself and take you where you were not expecting it. If you’re spamming the same buttons all over again, watch out for the takedown, the AI will notice and make you pay for it.

The game offers basic game modes like :

  • Career mode – Build a career from The Ultimate Fighter to the UFC.
  • Quick fights - Fight in multiple divisions
  • Online Championships (Seasons) -  Seasons of 10 fights / Climb up as you gain points in-fight.
  • Online Fights - Fight online as ranked/unranked match-ups.

I really invested myself into the career mode as I wanted to build something and that was the game area where I wanted to focus on. Everything is basic and serves both, the avid and well experienced players as you progress. It’s you train, you fight all over again. EA did a very good job of including some unexpected elements like real UFC fighters advices and videos that keep it original. I must say that it soon get repetitive. It took me around 10 fights to start from a wannabe UFC fighter to the Ultimate Champion.

EA SPORTS™ UFC®_20140618215556

Getting to the top

Training and player customization is somewhat easy to understand. You will be continuously coached and given advice by the AI trainer, so if you suck at something, the AI will be there to teach you and help you to get better at it. I felt like there was not too much option to upgrade, it is somewhat easy. Again, from a new comer perspective, i liked that.

I then decided to take my skills online. Oh my god, it’s a whole new ball game. I got crushed, big time! The Championships element is just like other EA titles that you may be familiar with. Think of a Madden, NHL or FIFA online season system but integrated to a combat game. It’s a good fit, other players are just better then me.

Pay per view immersive experience

“Oh my god! This is all over!” – Joe Rogan.

EA Sports has really done an incredible job to reproduce the immersion of a UFC Event. From players walkouts to Bruce Buffer’s introduction, it’s all there. Each and every fighter have their own personality and style and you can definitely tell. Beside body and facial details, the music, the noise and the crowd and the commentators are reproduced with the highest quality standards. I spent countless minutes watching me fight highlights and just wanted to train for the next title defence.

The graphics and animations are absolutely stunning. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to next-gen. The gameplay is smooth with some frame rate drops but that doesn’t really affect the whole experience. EA’s Ignite engine is pretty impressive.

EA SPORTS™ UFC®_20140618215816

Keep that ice bag for yourself



If you’re after a good game that was fully built for your next-gen console, look no further, EA Sports UFC lives up to expectations. Whether you’re a newcomer to the UFC combat games and don’t know much about it, it’s interesting integration to the genre will please you. If you’re an die hard UFC fan, the scalable AI will adapt to your strategy and will deliver a good fight.

The only issue is the repetitiveness. What else can you do once you became champion? Go online and get your ass kicked!

Well done EA!

Final Score: 8.5/10



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