Rockstar’s #IMNOTAHIPSTER GTA Event is now live!


This weekend Rockstar has created for your enjoyment the #IMNOTAHIPSTER event! it’s got more mustache action than a Tom Selleck show and I’m here to give you the lo-down!

Let’s start off with the new fashion. Tthe latest update for GTA online has unlocked a LOT of new gear.

This includes:

  • Leggings
  • 3 new vintage Tee’s that will unlock by logging in all three days this weekend
  • Slouchy Tee’s
  • Super tight skinny jeans
  • Hats
  • Footwear
  • Masks and tattoo’s
  • Perfect mustache’s for all your ‘stache needs
  • Hair styles
  • Cars and bikes
  • Guns
  • Plus so much more!

In addition to the all new gear you can now purchase, the update also adds Michael, Franklin, And Trevor’s main vehicles for purchase through your phone/laptop. Now for the actual events!

  • Get double the cash when you compete in the official “I’m Not a Hipster” event playlist. You can find this in  Online > Playlists > Rockstar Created.
  • Get double RP for kill streaks and head shots in death matches.
  • In Mirror Park, Chumash, and East Vinewood you’ll find three new gang attacks with some serious payout. You’ll get triple RP with enemy kills and upon completion of an attack you’ll receive quadruple the cash inside gang attack crates.
  • Bet limits have increased to a staggering $10K for this weekend.
  • In Mirror Park and other hip locations around town you’ll notice Event Crate Drops containing a mashup of awesome: RP Bonuses, Cash stacks, Heavy-Duty RPG’s, mini guns, sticky bombs and more.
  • The #IMNOTAHIPSTER Snapmatic contest! Snap the best pic of you with or without your crew showing off the new gear that came with the update in your most creative and artful ways to show that you are seriously in no way ever a hipster! Then upload your pics to the Rockstar Social Club for your chance to win GTA$1M in cash and a HIPSTER vanity plate for your ride.
  • Creator Competition: put your best creative foot forward and create Races, Deathmatches, and Captures using the new vehicles, weapons, and gear for a chance to win GTA$1M in cash and a HIPSTER vanity plate. Jobs will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Creativity 35%; Originality 35%; and Use of Content 30%. Just tag your creations with #IMNOTAHIPSTER and upload them to the social club for a chance to win!
  • Rockstar is also giving away Five exclusive GTAV Prize Packs featuring: A Los Santos Trucker Hat, Republican Space Rangers Tee, Trevor Philips Industries Tees, and the GTAV Zippo Lighter. Ten runners-up will score Rockstar Prize Packs of an official t-shirt and stickers. Click here to enter!


That is some serious swag right there. Regardless if you’re a rookie who needs a boost with leveling up or a seasoned vet just looking to pick off some mustache’s from a distance, this event is not to be missed! So start running over your competition right now and get involved with the #IMNOTAHIPSTER event so you can win big and have a blast while doing so!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the event has been and show off your new gear because we’d love to see it! And as always, check back daily for the newest developments in the gaming world! If you need me I’ll be hunting hipsters all weekend ;)

Cheers! – Marzipan


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