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The E3 – A disappointing overexcitement or a justified hype?


E3 2014 is just around the corner and we’re already feeling the hype of this annual festival. From press releases to announcements, every single video game company in the world is drooling over the idea of making the headline during that time.

Over the past years, we had numerous reports of false advertising of several big companies by presenting an unfinished game version boosted to steroid. I will go further by saying that sometimes, products showcasing at E3 are over-hyped, falsified and by any mean close to the final product quality expectations. A lot of gamers have been frustrated by the difference between an E3 game presentation and the finished product.

On the other hand, the expo had its opportunity to showcase some of the most surprising titles that left us speechless and amazed with the innovation of game mechanics and gameplay. At the same time, it allowed small independent developers to get to the next level and continue to improve their franchise.

I will share with you what I think is some of the most disappointing titles to ever be showcased at E3 that wasn’t living up the hype :


Team Fortress 2 : Brotherhood of Arms - E3 1998

Originally announced by Valve in 1998 and scheduled to release in 1999, Team Fortress 2 was set to be the successor of the classic Quake Team Fortress Mod but adapted to a modern realistic military gameplay. When it was first announced by Valve it quickly became one of the most anticipated titles of that time. The delay that plagued it was quite a deal breaker and it finally took 9 years for the title to come out as a cartoonist multiplayer game. Is it fun? It is one of the most played game of all time on the Steam platform and became a stellar success.

In my opinion it did not deliver its promises. In my book this is a major E3 disappointment.

Look at the screenshots above for comparison.


Ryse : Son of Rome - E3 2013

It’s no surprise that Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the biggest Xbox One launch title. The game was shown for the first time at E3 2013, following the Microsoft Xbox One announcement. Visuals please.

I must admit that this title had me. It was a game changer and it was the main reason why I bought an Xbox One at launch. Gradually it became clear that was being presented to us on that day of gun wouldn’t be what I would get my hand on release day. The speculation of a Windows PC running the game presentation and the addition of review embargo had me frustrated. In fact, Rise: Son of Rome wasn’t what was shown at E3 2013 and I felt misled.

The game visuals are still pretty amazing but this is just not what I have been presented. I was way short of that.

Killzone 3 - E3 2010

Wow, it looked good. You look at the trailer right now and you can still feel its a next-gen game. And remember this, at the time of the presentation it was pre-alpha (you can feel the sarcasm). Honestly, I can’t think of a bigger rip-off than Killzone 3 presentation. While the game certainly looked really good on the release date, I still wonder how can a pre-alpha build of 2010 released game still looks hotter than the next-generation of consoles and PC?

Guerilla Games has the answer. CGI my friend.


After we’ve seen all of this, we have the right to question us. Has the E3 become the marketing channel of the industry or a show where the actors showcase their talents?

I have my answer.

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