Hearthstone Thursday – 3 Tips to Improve


Hello dear reader! Welcome to the first (of many) Hearthstone Thursdays! Every week we’ll talk about tips, strategies, deck types, deck ideas, the competitive scene, and much more. As the inaugural Thursday, let’s make this one for the new players. Three ways to improve!




  1. Follow the meta-game!

Following what works for everyone else, it works for a reason. Check out the top players and their decks, watch streams on twitch.tv, and find a formula that works for you. Hunter decks are very strong right now, why not spend some dust on them? More wins equals more gold, and more gold equals more packs.


  1. Experiment!

Nothing improves your play like leaving your comfort zone. Messing around with deck ideas that may be a little out there. Sometimes, the weirdest concepts can yield the best results. Another part of experimenting means playing against the classes you hate to be pitted against. If you despise playing against a priest, spend an hour and just play against a computer priest. This gets rid of the “Oh god not a priest!” feeling we’ve all had at some point or another. This also allows you to really fine tune your skills against each specific class. Of course it works with any class, but no other class has the ability to take my precious Leper Gnome from me.


  1. Play!

Playing a few games a day will increase your confidence, improve decision making, and best of all, will make you a better Hearthstone player! This is a game of decision making, strategy, and deck building. The more you do all of those, the better you’ll become. That’s science (probably).


  1. (Bonus) Have fun!

Hearthstone is a game, and a damn fun one at that. Don’t forget that. Same time next Thursday, and see you at the table!


Let me know in the comment section ideas for next week’s article!


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