Trials Fusion Review – PlayStation 4


A technical masterpiece

Publisher/Developer: Red Lynx / Ubisoft
Genre: Trials/ Racing / Motocross
Platform: PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Xbox 360

The game was released on April 16th on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The motocross game is famous for the extreme levels of difficulty, in previous games if you completed a level with no faults or complete a difficult level the sense of achievement was incredible. This helped make Trials as franchise stand out in the last generation but would this still be a valid point in the next generation.

It appears to be a masterpiece from a technical standpoint with its beauty mainly being noticed due to the colour pallet used. It was particularly pleasing when you would go from a dark gritty level to a bright destination where the sun is shinning; this was due to the contrast between the two levels.



The variety of unique levels that mix motocross with platforming also show that the Red Lynx ensured the game was polished to perfection. However on next generation systems there is the occasional pop in when you restart the level which is very distracting as it almost always will catch your eye especially as you are waiting to begin.

The physics and mechanics within Trials Fusion are also a huge plus like that of previous versions of the games, the physics engine in the series has always been great but in trials fusion it is better than ever. When playing the game you feel as though everything is due to the skill level of the player, you will very rarely feel like you have cheated out of beating your friend’s time.

The level design as previously mentioned is also incredible, early levels feel as though they can be completed with great ease, with later levels being truly challenging. On easy and medium levels you will be hoping to beat the times of yours friends but on hard levels you will be hoping to beat the track. Beating your friends’ times, finishing a level with no faults and later stages beating a level can all lead to frustration but when you accomplish your goal you feel truly happy. Due to terrific level design throughout the game you will happily replay levels whether it be challenging friends or trying to complete all challenges.

The addition of challenges is the only addition I felt as though was worthwhile as they tested your patience and skill. The addition of tricks felt unnecessary as when you performed tricks if landed incorrectly can impact your overall time, often many people including my self forgot to tricks were even there as there is no real purpose to them unless you are playing a generic FMX track.


Overall I would thoroughly recommend Trials Fusion as the game is welcome addition to the popular Trials franchise. Fusion has a great amount of content especially when you play the incredible user created levels, in the later stages of the games life cycle there will be hundreds of incredible levels created by players. I can not deny the fun I had with this game although later levels were incredibly frustrating. I award Trials Fusion a 9.2 out 10 due to the reasons above.

Final score: 9.2/10

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