PS4 ships 7 million worldwide, outsells Xbox One in Europe 7:1



When we checked in with the PS4 last month, Sony managed to sell six million units since the console’s mid-November release last year, which was one million units ahead of Sony’s own estimate. Just one month later, more numbers have been revealed: Sony has shipped seven million PS4s worldwide, which is about three million more than the Xbox One. At the end of the day, a four-million-unit gap isn’t too gigantic. However, when compared with, for instance, the PS4′s sales compared to the Xbox One’s sales in Europe during the month of March — an eyebrow-raising seven to one lead — a different story is told.

That 7:1 sales lead accounts for (more or less) the last week in March, beginning on the 17. During that period, the PS4 sold 180,000 units, while the Xbox One only managed 25,000. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the Xbox One’s biggest game, Titanfall, released just one week prior, and did not appear to help sell the console just one week later.

Of course, seven million units compared to four million units isn’t anywhere close to a death knell for the Xbox One. Whenever this console cycle winds down, the final figures for both the PS4 and Xbox One might be the same. For the majority of last generation, the Xbox 360 had a significant lead on the PS3, and for similar reasons. Sony botched the PS3 launch in a variety of ways — the console was gigantic, came out too late, and was too expensive. Microsoft didn’t botch the launch of the Xbox One, but definitelybotched the reveal. However, in the end, the PS3 and box 360 were neck-and-neck in sales. It’s entirely possible that Microsoft’s botched Xbox One reveal will eventually wither away, and the console will catch up when all is said and one.

For now, though, Sony is enjoying success, and Microsoft is sitting in the strange dual-state of succeeding while losing. The next stage in the battle will begin when both consoles finally have more triple-A exclusives.

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